I’m super excited to finally get this thing started!  To learn more about why I’ve created a blog in the first place, look up and see “Why blog?”.

But for now, let’s dive right in.  First things first – I think it’s only appropriate to meet the little guy… before it’s too late.  Because he isn’t going to be so ‘little’ much longer!

So without further ado… Meet Mac!!

Aww we just love him!

Mac was born on January 26, 2012 on a farm down south in Texas.  He was one of eight in the litter and graced us with his presence at just 7 weeks old…

…and by ‘graced’, I mean he came into our lives like a ton of bricks.  I didn’t expect raising a puppy would be easy… but I certainly did not fully realize what we were getting ourselves into.  (But I have absolutely no regrets!)

At first I think the hardest part was not getting very much sleep.  I am all about sleeping a full 7-8 hours a night so when Mac needed a potty break every 1 1/2 to 2 hours during the night, I really struggled.  But we are over that now, he’s been sleeping through the night which has been awesome!

I am so thankful to have him around and I just love him to pieces!

Here are some more pics:

Puppy Dreams 🙂
What’s up!?
So handsome!

Mac is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Obviously as the name states, he has a very distinct ridge on his back. At first I thought the ridge was a protruding spine but it’s really just the way his fur grows.  Right along the top of his back, his fur grows backwards or the opposite way from the rest of his body creating an illusion.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are from South Africa and were used by farmers to hunt lions.  Pretty crazy, huh?  And just to make him feel at home, we got him his own lion to hunt.

You might be thinking he would be really aggressive or tough or mean.  But he is the most calm and cuddly puppy I’ve ever met!

He loves to snuggle more than anything else…

And lick…

He is the best!

Well, that’s all for now but there will definitely be more to come.  Bye for now!

Puppy kisses 😉 xoxo

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