Lazy Saturday

Saturdays are my favorite.  It is the one day I have to myself to be as productive or as lazy as I like!  Usually I am incredibly productive – I work out, do laundry, try new recipes, clean the apartment, go grocery shopping, etc.

Today… not so much.

Yesterday, Dave and I went to the Cubs game with our friends, Amy and Jordan, followed by appetizers and drinks afterwards.  Way too many drinks.  I am struggling bad today!

In college, I rarely ever got hungover.  I would simply be a bit tired the following day but was able to take on the next day.  This is sooo not the case anymore.  Even if I have one or two glasses of wine at night, I don’t feel right the next day.  At least I’m not alone – I’ve had this discussion with several of my friends and everyone seems to agree that their bodies just don’t bounce back like they used to.

So instead of being ultra-productive today like normal Saturdays, I’ve been sitting back, relaxing and cuddling with my buddy.

Look how big he is!  He’s been sleeping on my lap for the past few hours as I’ve been teaching myself about this blogging stuff, although he’s having a heck of hard time staying on my lap.  You would think he would just go lay on the couch to be more comfortable, but that totally isn’t Mac’s style.  He always needs to be cuddling, nuzzling, snuggling or at least touching you at all times.

And I would be lying if I said I didn’t love it! 🙂


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