BBQ Chicken Pizza

Happy Friday!  This morning I took a trip to the gym to get in a workout before heading to work.  Since I’m pretty sore from taking a Bodypump class yesterday, I had planned on taking it somewhat easy.  However, after spending 30 minutes on the elliptical, I decided to do this interval walking workout on the treadmill and it was tough!  But I felt energized afterwards and ready to take on the day.

After work, I ran some errands to pick up a few baking items for the Christmas cookies tomorrow.   I was originally planning to take Mac and go spend the day baking at my parent’s house but we had a last minute change of plans.  Instead, both my parents are coming down tomorrow to spend the afternoon in Chicago before heading off to a holiday party downtown.

By the time I got home tonight, I was ready for dinner.  I was in the mood for pizza and had some leftover rotisserie chicken so I whipped up a quick BBQ chicken pizza with a tortilla as the crust in order to speed up the meal.

Tasty and simple!  I used a whole wheat tortilla, spread a layer of BBQ sauce, baby spinach, shredded rotisserie chicken, corn, feta cheese, and a bit of hot sauce.  I broiled it in the oven for a few (too many) minutes and then added some diced avocado to top it off.

The avocado was by far the best part!  It definitely took this quickly assembled pizza to the next level.

Baby greens, red and yellow pepper, green onions on the side topped with Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette.  Plus Coconut La Croix, my favorite.

My mom, dad, and I made our annual visit to the apple orchard at Kuipers Family Farm earlier this fall and picked this dressing up in the farm store.  I love it!

And now I’m off to watch one of my favorite Christmas movies, The Santa Clause, and cuddle with this little guy…



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