Happy birthday to me!  I woke up this morning and immediately looked at my left finger to make sure I hadn’t been dreaming.  But sure enough, everything was for real! 🙂

Dave and I spent the afternoon at my Aunt Sandy’s to celebrate Christmas with my dad’s side of the family.  We ate a delicious lunch, visited, and watched the awfully depressing Bears game.

The only thing I felt like doing when I got home was cuddling with my little buddy.


And I think he was perfectly content doing the same 😉

Birthday/Engagement Dinner

I have to share our unbelievable dinner at Sixteen.  Dave and I ate there a couple years ago but they’ve changed chefs and transitioned to a tasting menu since then.  They offer a 4, 8 or 16 course menu which changes seasonally.  Both of us opted for the 4 course menu but after all the chef’s complimentary tastings, it ended up being nearly 10 different plates.  I think we would still be there had we chosen the 16 course tasting!

The chef offered complimentary appetizer plates inspired by Chicago foods.

PicMonkey Collage - App

Popcorn to represent Garrett’s Popcorn Shop, fish and tartar sauce wrapped in the Sun Times and stuck in Lake Michigan sand, and finally a twist on a Chicago hot dog – mix of sausage and mustard inside a bun topped with relish and poppy seeds.

Champagne (I think?) jello with ginger foam on top to cleanse our palettes.


First course – trout with leeks and apple for me – foie gras with turnip jus for him

PicMonkey Collage - 1st

Meanwhile, we were served assorted mini rolls, baguettes, and other breads with a goats milk butter (left) and olive oil spread (right).  (Can’t remember the middle.)  Followed by our second and favorite course – creamy kabocha soup with chestnuts, spiced pepitas and a cardamom foam.



Finally we had our main course.  Roast turbot with pumpkin, kale and a pumpkin seed oil for me.  Venison with a juniper cranberry reduction for Dave.

PicMonkey Collage - 2nd

Palette cleanser – peach (?) sorbet with raspberry sauce, mint leaf and some type of crumble.


Last but not least, dessert 🙂  Apple dessert for me with goat’s milk ice cream, brown butter, and hot cider.  Chocolate dessert for Dave with goat’s milk ice cream and bourbon.



The food was absolutely phenomenal, both in presentation and in flavor.  The wait staff was outstanding, everyone was friendly and very attentive.  Finally, the view was spectacular as we were overlooking the city and had a direct view of the clock tower.

It’s definitely one of those “special occasion” restaurants and we loved it!



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