The Nutcracker

Happy Friday!!

I was expecting to wake up and see a blanket of snow covering the city, but it looks like the media hyped it up a bit too much, at least for Chicago.  Although a layer of fresh snow can make everything really pretty, I’m glad it’s (supposedly) holding off until after our flight tomorrow… but who knows?!

And based on the fact I’m alive and writing this post means the world didn’t end 🙂  Lots of good things today!

Last night, Ashley and I went over to Julie’s place for a quick sushi dinner before seeing Joffrey Ballet’s The Nutcracker.


All three of us really enjoyed it.  The costumes were stunning, the ballerinas were unbelievably talented, and the orchestra played beautifully.  I had forgotten how many songs I knew.  My absolute favorite is the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

photo (9)

Kinda blurry, but you get the idea…

After the show was over, we ventured out to find a cab and man, it was chilly.  And windy!  But we all agreed, as much as we felt like we were freezing out butts off, it was a fairly mild winter night for Chicago and easily could have been much worse.

We headed back to Julie’s for a glass of champagne to celebrate Christmas and my engagement since Ashley wasn’t able to make it last weekend.

photo (7)

Julie made these adorable cupcakes!

photo (6)

What a fun night!  Love these girls!



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