Farewell Photo Shoot

My day started bright and early yesterday morning.

First things first, breakfast.

Spinach Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs with spinach and pepperjack cheese.  Plus whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread with a Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese wedge spread on top.  Quick and delicious!

I spent the rest of the morning packing for Utah, followed by a major cuddle session with Mac.  He had been following me around all morning while I packed and was making it more than obvious that he was ready to snuggle.


I mean, how could I resist?


Just after I got done saying Mac can’t ever sit still for a picture, he cooperated pretty well today.


It’s only been about 24 hours from the time I dropped him off at PetsHotel and I’m already missing him like crazy!


I think he sensed something was up with all the suitcases and bags laying around and decided to pose while I snapped a few pics.

photo-32 photo-33 photo-35 photo-37

Lots of kisses and licks for mom.  Always makes me happy!

Missin’ my little guy!



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