Healthy Travel Snacks

Back to reality!  Today was a major struggle trying to get back in the swing of work.  My whole schedule has been out of whack since we stayed up late every night and slept in every morning, all on top of a 1 hour time difference.


January 1st didn’t begin with the healthiest of food choices.  The first bite of the year was carrot cake… oops!  Now that I’m home, I will re-start on the right foot.

One of my favorite breakfasts, overnight oats in a jar.

photo (13)

I discovered overnight oats about a year and a half ago all over healthy food blogs.  There are limitless combinations but the standard base consists of oatmeal, milk, yogurt and chia seeds.  Then you can add any fruit, nut, seed, nut butter or any other mix-in you desire.

Today’s batch was prepared in one bowl but had two servings – one for today, one for tomorrow.

I poured half into a nearly empty peanut butter jar and added blackberries. Yum yum!

photo (15)

Travel Snacks

If you know me well, then you probably already know I always carry snacks with me in my purse. Since I travel a lot for work and seem to always be on-the-go, I am constantly trying to find quick, portable, healthy snacks for when I’m away from home.

Occasionally, my hotel room will have a microwave and if I’m lucky, a fridge… but it’s not guaranteed, so I like to have snacks that travel well and do not have to be refrigerated or heated.


I also look for snacks that are high in protein and fiber content and do not contain a gazillion grams of sugar.  These restrictions make options rather limiting so I’m always trying to find new options.

Some of my “go-to” travel snacks are:

PR Bars (These are my favorite! There are 9 different flavors and all have about 15g of protein for around 200 calories. They are by far the best tasting protein bars I’ve ever had since they don’t have that ‘protein’ flavor to them at all. Of course, chocolate peanut butter is my favorite but all are absolutely delicious!)

Pure Protein Bars (I get a box from Costco that comes with 3 flavors – chocolate peanut butter, chocolate deluxe, chocolate chip – and they each have about 20g of protein.)

– Trail mix or fruit & nut mixes

– Nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashew, walnuts. (I especially LOVE the cocoa roasted almonds and cinnamon roasted almonds by Emerald.)

– Nut butters (Justin’s and Peanut Butter & Company brand offers packets of individual servings.)

– Fruit (easy travel kinds like bananas, apples, oranges, etc. and I pair with nuts or nut butters for protein.)


If I do have access to a microwave, I also bring:

– Light popcorn

– Single serving oatmeal packets (I stick to the plain kind and add some kind of nut butter for flavor & protein since the flavored varieties contain a LOT of sugar.)



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