Crime Fighters

Sighhhh the beginning of the first FULL week back at work.  Surprisingly, I felt refreshed and awake when my alarm went off this morning… way more so than I did last week.

Sadly, I had my last Monday morning Bodypump class since we’ll be moving at the end of this week.  Only one more to look forward to on Thursday.

I’ve been searching the St. Charles/Elgin areas for a gym that teaches Bodypump but no such luck.  However, I’ve been contemplating trying CrossFit for a while now which I’ve heard is a fantastic overall strength workout and a great addition while training for a marathon or half marathon so this may be a perfect opportunity!  We’ll see…

Breakfast & Lunch

On the way to work, I enjoyed another yogurt bowl.


Greek yogurt topped with a TON of blackberries.  Had to finish off these babies before they went bad.  I rounded out the yogurt-berry combo with some Wild Squirrel Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter.


Individual packet for easy on-the-go!

For lunch, I had a bowl of reheated white chicken chili with a side of mixed steamed veggies.

photo (21)

Ehhh not the prettiest of pictures, but it was tasty and definitely hit the spot!

Crime Fighters

Dave and I had a pretty eventful Sunday yesterday.  After sleeping in, we packed up a moving van with about 1/3 of the condo and set out to unload at our new (temporary) house in St. Charles.

photo (20)

Mac insisted on being the driver. 😉

As we headed down the street, we witnessed a hit-and-run accident – a girl was riding along on her bike when a guy made a right turn, knocked the girl off her bike, and sped away.

Along with several other pedestrians, Dave and I stopped to see if she was alright.  Once a few others were by her side, Dave and I took off behind the driver.

We ended up catching the guy’s license plate and reporting the accident to the police.

I just could not believe the nerve of that driver!  I’ve obviously heard of hit-and-run accidents happening before but to actually witness one firsthand, I will never understand how a person could be as insensitive to just drive away.

Makes me sick.


On a slightly more upbeat note… Dave and I met our friends tonight at our very favorite restaurant, Roots!  It might possibly be the last time we’ll eat here before we move.  Sad day.

Roots might be known for their pizza (which is excellent by the way) but the best part of the menu is their ‘Build Your Own Salads‘.  They are incredible!

There are endless possibilities, although we both tend to order the same two combinations every time.  Several types of salad/lettuce leaves and a variety of fruits, veggies, nuts, cheeses, and meats to top it off.  Not to mention 14 different salad dressings.

Every ingredient tastes so fresh and the salads come prepared in a large salad bowl (with tongs, in case you are willing to share – although we are not 😉 )

My favorite build-your-own combination is baby greens, diced tomatoes, red onions, roasted red peppers, pistachios, goat cheese, grilled chicken and cilantro vinaigrette.  DELISH!


I must have been too excited to take a pic when the waiter served my salad, but fortunately we also ordered pizza so I saved half of my salad for lunch tomorrow and had a few slices of pizza.

There’s a few days left before the big move.  Maybe we’ll just have to make another trip 😉


One thought on “Crime Fighters

  1. Cheryl January 15, 2013 at 1:24 pm Reply

    The Wild Squirrel peanut butter packets are great! So many flavors and very convenient.

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