Whole Foods

Wheww! Today has been a long day so far and it’s not even over!  First, lets get some food out of the way.


Today’s yogurt bowl was inspired by a new-to-me granola that happened to ‘fall in’ my cart yesterday during my trip to Whole Foods. 😉

photo (29)

First I saw banana bread… then pecans & dried banana pieces… then chocolate.  Sold!

Banana Bread Granola Yogurt Bowl

Greek yogurt with a sliced up banana and lots of yummy Banana Bread granola.  Chocolate for breakfast?  That’s hard to beat.


My packed lunch consisted of Al Fresco Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Sausage mixed with leftover sauteed veggies and onions.

photo (24)

I have tried other flavors of Al Fresco chicken sausage, but this one was new to me.  I loved the spicy kick!

photo (23)

Whole Foods

One of the many places I will miss when I move out of the city tomorrow is the Whole Foods in Lincoln Park.  If you’ve never been there, you MUST go.

Not only is it insanely huge…

Whole Foods LP Escalator View

But it also has so many unique food and drink stations.

Create Your Own Trail Mix


Grind Your Own Nut Butter


ENORMOUS Bulk Foods section


Beautiful desserts and homemade gelato

WF Desserts and Gelato

And a personal favorite… the best peanut butter aisle around!


You can go to Whole Foods for a meal at one of the many food stands, including an ethnic restaurant, burger joint, neighborhood diner, French café, pizza joint, BBQ shack, sushi or seafood bar, deli, taco bar…


Or serve yourself at their salad bar, raw foods bar and hot foods bar.

Salad and Hot Foods Bar

They have a coffee shop, an actual bar with beer on tap, and a separate wine tasting area.


And so much more!  Who would have thought a grocery store could have something for everyone?

This Whole Foods is a perfect place to get health foods and other specialty items, but definitely not the place to do all your grocery shopping.  (At least not for me and my wallet.)

Often times if I’m passing by and have some extra time, I find myself stopping in just to browse.  Of course, I always walk out with a least one item.  It’s like Target.. nearly impossible to not buy at least SOMETHING, even if you don’t need it! 😉

Now that I’ve killed some time after work, I gotta head to class.



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