Choosing a New Gym

This morning I met my new workout buddy at my new gym for a 5:45 am Spinning class!  More on that in a minute, but first, breakfast.


Today, I kind of switched things up a bit.


Overnight oats in a nearly empty jar of Barney Butter Almond Butter with sliced bananas and crumbled whole wheat banana muffin on top.


See what happens when I sit in traffic – I practically licked it clean!

Choosing a New Gym

I did some searching online for gyms in the area and upon doing so, I realized I am somewhat particular with what gyms I prefer.  It’s not that I’m necessarily picky, but I definitely know what my priorities are.

Convenient Location – I like to work out in the mornings so a gym needs to be on my way to work (or at least close by home) so I don’t lose precious time in the morning.

Group Classes – I am all about the group classes.  Not only do I get a better workout than on my own, but it also keeps a variety in my schedule and helps beat boredom.

Machines to People Ratio – I don’t know what else to call it but no one likes getting all ready to workout and arriving at the gym only to find NO treadmills or a longgg wait for each machine.  I don’t need a huge gym but one that has enough machines (usually treadmills) when even at peak times, I don’t have to wait.  I’m a ‘get-in, get-out’ kinda girl so any sort of waiting is no good.

Price – I really do not need all the frills of high-end gyms and do not care to spend a fortune to use a gym, so I tend to belong to more affordable gyms with memberships around $30-40 per month.

Locker Rooms – After morning workouts, I have my stuff all packed to get ready for the day.  Again, I don’t need much in the way of amenities in a locker room but it at least must have decent showers.  While it’s nice if they provide towels and/or shampoo & conditioner in case I forget, it’s not a necessity either.

New Gym – LA Fitness

After talking to my good friend, Amy, who also lives in St. Charles, she encouraged me to check out LA Fitness located 5 minutes away from our new house.  On Sunday morning, Amy let me use her free guest pass and she gave me a tour of the gym.

We also took a class called Body Works which consists of an hour-long strength training workout using a step, mat, and hand weights.  The class focused on lighter weight with LOTS of repetitions.

LA Fitness Elgin

I completely underestimated this group class, thinking it wouldn’t be as tough as Bodypump.  Boy, was I wrong!  At the end of class, I was super sweaty and already feeling a bit sore!

On our way out, I ended up purchasing a membership.  LA Fitness met all my needs, plus it was $0 enrollment and $29.99 per month AND I now have a workout buddy, can’t beat that!

I’ve decided a home-cooked meal is in order tonight in my new kitchen… check-in tomorrow for a new recipe!


One thought on “Choosing a New Gym

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