Out with the Old, In with the New

This weekend absolutely flew by but in a good way! The movers packed up the condo up and delivered everything to our new house on Friday.

But first, I had to snap a few last pictures of the condo.


Although I’ve only called it home for just under a year, Dave has been there for over 5 years so we have a lot memories.


But overall, I was ready for some change.  The three of us were getting a bit cramped so it’s nice to finally have more space.


I gladly said goodbye to the daily Chicago traffic.

photo (30)

And hello to our new home 🙂


My favorite part of the new house is our upgrade in closet space.

Old closet:


New closet:



I was extremely productive on Saturday and was able to get the majority of everything unpacked, organized, and put away.

Mac even helped me unpack all of his toys.


…all over the house.  What a nice dog! 😉

But he couldn’t help himself. He was just too excited to have more space!  We took several breaks from unpacking to enjoy the day.  I let him off his leash since our neighborhood has very little traffic and a lot of land to run around.

photo (13)

At first, he didn’t seem to grasp the concept of walking on the grass.  Such a city dog!  But after no time at all, he was running around like a madman.

We came back to the house to finish unpacking.


Mac continued to help in the afternoon by taking a nap supervising me and making sure everything was put in its place.  😉

Although I already miss the excitement of the city, I have to admit there is something peaceful about the suburbs.  I forgot what it’s like to drive without a stoplight, stop sign, pedestrian, bicycle, car, bus, or taxi forcing you to slam on your breaks every 3 seconds.

I could definitely get used to this… 🙂



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