Escape Artist

Got a random fact and a funny little story to share with you this afternoon – both involving my Macaroon!

Ground Pepper

Last week, another dog nipped Mac’s ear while rough-housing at the dog park.  Herb, our previous dog sitter, cleaned it up and the cut scabbed over just fine. Well, on Tuesday night, somehow the scab started bleeding again.  (Gross, I know, but stay with me here…)

I woke up Wednesday morning and found a small pile of ground pepper in a paper plate on the kitchen counter.  Weird? I could not, for the life of me, figure out what late-night snack Dave had.

ground pepper


Turns out, after I went to bed Tuesday night, Mac’s ear continued to bleed so Dave googled it and found that dabbing a small open cut with ground pepper helps the blood to coagulate and form a scab.  Apparently, ground pepper does not sting and has anti-bacterial properties to keep out infection – for both dogs AND humans.  Who knew?

At first, I thought he was crazy!  So I googled it myself and sure enough, it was confirmed… you really do learn something new every day!

Escape Artist

Mac has officially outsmarted me and Dave.

When we were living in the city, we weren’t able to leave Mac alone in the condo by himself.  He would bark and yelp and whine incessantly to the point we would get emails, phone calls, or texts from the neighbors.  So we learned quickly to figure out other arrangements for someone to watch him if we had to be gone.

One of the perks to moving to the suburbs was no longer sharing walls with the neighbors and finally getting our freedom back.  Mac can bark all he wants and no one will be there to be bothered by it… the only problem being this puppy stage he’s going through where he chews everything to pieces.

So for now, we set up a 10×10 cage in the heated garage for when both Dave and I are gone.

photo (47)

(The cage looks rather bare in this pic but we also added a large crate with blankets if he wants to sleep, along with lots of bones, toys, food, and water.)

Round 1

Yesterday was our first day trying out the new set-up, so I was pretty anxious to see everything unfolded.

Well, I was in for a surprise!  I opened the garage and out came Mac.  I knew Dave’s brother, Chris, had stopped by the house to let him out so I just figured he didn’t properly latch the door.

photo (46)

Clearly, I was wrong!  He managed to squeeze his way under the fence through this tiny opening.

photo (45)

See that scratch on his back?

The only thing I could do was laugh!  I couldn’t even get mad at him for escaping… Mac beat us at our own game, fair and square!

Round 2

Dave came home from work shortly after and spent a solid 20 minutes securing additional ties so Mac couldn’t weasel his way underneath again while we went out for dinner.

An hour later… we opened the garage door and Mac came running out again!!

photo (44)

What a stinker!  He managed to chew through the plastic ties and fit his body through an even smaller hole.  A true escape artist.

Score: Puppy 2, Humans 0

Dave and I better step up our game! 😉



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