Tour de Cardio

I may have spoken too soon.  Remember when I declared one of my priorities for choosing a gym was this so-called “machines-to-people ratio”?  And how I prefer a gym where I don’t have to wait for a treadmill?

Well guess what?  Yep, of course no treadmills available this morning.  So I hopped on an elliptical to wait for one to free up but every time someone got off, another member swooped in and took it.  Not quick enough. BUT, on the positive side, it forced a little variety in my life and I ended up with a great workout after all!

I toured the cardio machines, completing 10 minutes each on the elliptical, stationary bike, and stairmaster and then headed downstairs for some weights.

Bodypump CIrcuit Workout

I used the same order of the Bodypump tracks as a guide for which exercises to focus on next.  These circuits took me about 20 minutes but it could easily be doubled for a more intense and longer workout.


By the time I got home, I was more than ready for some lunch.

1-19-13 lunch

Bowl of whole wheat pasta with stirfry chicken and veggies.  I knocked off another recipe from the cooking scrapbook and now have plenty of leftovers to get me through the week.  Score!

pasta bowl

The temperature was about 45 degrees this afternoon so I was able to eat outside while Mac ran in circles in the backyard.

Now I’m off to tackle my usual Saturday to-do list like clean the house and run a few errands.  Fun stuff for sure.  I’m looking forward to dinner tonight at a new Mexican place in Geneva that Dave’s parents have been raving about.

Have a great Saturday!


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