Odd Gym Quirks

Brrrr!  I mean, c’mon… really??

neg 1 temp

Nothing like a minus 1 degree start to the work week!


If I hadn’t gone to the gym this morning for my Bootcamp class, I would’ve definitely made a nice warm bowl of oatmeal for such a frigid day.

But instead, I prepped ahead a bowl of peaches and cream overnight oats.

peaches and cream overnight oats

Okay, so technically ‘nectarines and cream’ but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it, right? 😉

peaches and cream oo

I followed the basic overnight oats recipe – minus the banana, add vanilla protein powder and sliced nectarine.  Plus, I sprinkled a giant handful of roasted pecans on top on the way to work.  Although it tasted great, I missed my usual scoop of nut butter!

Odd Gym Quirks

The combination of working out at a new gym and running on the treadmill more lately has brought to my attention a few of the quirks I have at the gym.

1.  I am definitely a creature of habit as I tend to:

– Store my stuff in the same locker

– Choose the same treadmill/elliptical/etc.

– Set up equipment in the same place in the studio room when I take group classes.

2.  When using a cardio machine:

– I cover up the time/distance with a towel and then judge how long I’ve been working out based on how many songs I’ve listened to on my iPod.  A song is usually about 3.5 to 4 minutes long so I count the songs as I go along to estimate.

– I love getting an even read-out of time and distance.  For example, I will walk an extra minute or two so the distance rounds out to be 2.10 miles instead of 2.03.

3.  An exercise instructor once motivated the class by saying, “You can do anything for 2 minutes.”  So I often find myself reciting this quote when I’m struggling to finish a particular exercise.

Does anyone else act similarly?  Even if it’s gym/fitness related or not?  I can’t be the only one… at least I hope not!



One thought on “Odd Gym Quirks

  1. letfitbegin January 22, 2013 at 9:56 pm Reply

    I’ve recently realized that when the run starts getting tough I take it 5 minutes at a time and it seems to help! I also have to round up my runs too.. 🙂

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