WIAW #3: Nearly Empty

Halfway through the week!  And another WIAW: What I Ate Wednesday post coming your way.


I’ve been on a roll lately finishing off nut butter jars… today featured a nearly empty Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter jar.

fruit on the bottom yogurt bowl in a jar

Filled with homemade fruit-on-the-bottom Greek yogurt.  SO so good!  If you’ve never tasted sunflower seed butter, you are most certainly missing out…especially Trader Joe’s brand.

Mid-Morning Snack

mini bell peppers and greek dip

Two Ingredient Greek Dip:  roasted red pepper hummus & feta cheese.  Scooped up with mini bell peppers.


Just writing about this salad is making me crave it again!

grilled chicken salad avocado and corn salsa

Romaine lettuce piled high with grilled chicken, homemade corn salsa, half a diced avocado and roasted garlic vinaigrette dressing.

scored avocado

I scored the avocado half last night and doused in lemon juice to keep from browning.  When lunchtime rolled around, it was good as new.  I used a spoon to separate the avocado from it’s peel.  Voila!

Afternoon Snack

Unlike a lot of people, I love the ‘heels’ on a loaf of bread.  In fact, I look forward to eating them!  So, when we buy a loaf of bread, Dave eats most of the slices for lunch in his turkey sandwiches but then saves the end slices for me.  Aren’t we a great match? 😉

Last night, I noticed a couple lonely ends hanging out in a nearly empty package…

pbj & cottage cheese snack

…enter the classic PB&J made with one of the ends.  Plus, a small dish of cottage cheese on the side for added protein.


pasta dinner

I polished off the last of my curly pasta and chicken toss.


…and the rest of Cassie’s cookies and cream popcorn for dessert!



One thought on “WIAW #3: Nearly Empty

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