Lost and Found

A complete whirlwind of a weekend, I tell ya.

I would normally never say this about a weekend, but I’m so very glad it’s over.  Given the circumstances, Dave and I are really fortunate things turned out the way they did.

Here’s the story…

Friday Night

After a long day at work on Friday, a few of my coworkers and I met at one of the new bars in Rosemont, Five Roses Pub.  Once everyone arrived, we ordered dinner and as soon as my meal arrived, I got a call from Dave telling me Mac had run away.  Umm what?

I raced home as fast as I (safely) could but I was about 45 minutes away so it felt like an eternity.  As soon as I got home, I bundled up and began scouring the neighborhood for Mac.  My parents, Dave’s cousin Ryan, and our friend Kevin all helped with the search… but no luck.

Mac had been missing since 5 pm and by the time 11 pm rolled around, everyone went home to rest from an exhausting evening.  Dave and I slept on the couches out in the living room, so in case Mac returned home, we might hear him.


Needless to say, neither Dave nor I slept at all Friday night.  As soon as the sun was up, we resumed our search efforts driving around the area.

We contacted all the surrounding animal shelters, animal control centers and police departments.  Additionally, Dave’s friend, Nicole, also called nearby shelters and veterinarians who added Mac to their missing pet boards.

I also filed a report through Lost Dogs of Illinois, a volunteer organization helping to prevent the loss of pets and to education pet owners when they lose a pet.  This was such a helpful resource and the most useful thing I learned was to focus on informing as many people as possible in the area.  The more awareness, the better chance of spotting Mac.

Using a template on their website, I created flyers to pass around the neighborhood.


When I was at the copier at FedEx Office, a customer doing her own work nearby stopped me to ask about our lost dog.  She told me she would pray for us and wished us luck.  She was so sweet and encouraging, and truly believed we would find Mac.

I spent the remainder of Saturday morning passing out flyers to every house in the neighborhood in hopes that someone had even the slightest bit of information.

Upon recommendation of the LDI organization, I also made large posters to hang at major intersections.


Around 2:00 pm, I received a call from a lady who had seen my flyers and want to let me know she saw Mac just as the sun set on Friday night.  She tried to get him to come but he was frightened and ran off towards the Leroy Oakes forest preserve.  Progress?

Saturday Evening

When daylight finally ran out, Dave and I regrouped back at the house feeling incredibly defeated, though not entirely hopeless.  I just felt terrible he may possibly spend another night outside in the cold.  😦

Around 7:00 pm, Dave and a family friend went out yet again to search for Mac while I stayed back at home.  Shortly after he left, I received an unexpectant email from an unknown sender.  The body of the email contained a message indicating a dog with the exact description of Mac had been brought to the Aurora Animal Shelter.  I immediately phoned the shelter but they had already closed for the day and would not re-open until Monday morning.

The description and relative location were too coincidental not to be Mac so we were very hopeful but unfortunately it seemed we would have to wait until Monday to find out either way.


Once again, we slept out in the living room.  We both woke up around 6:30 am but I began drifting back to sleep.  Apparently, Dave heard a muffled whining noise so he got up to look out the back door.  Nothing.  He checked the garage.  Nothing.

As he was walking back to lay down… Mac appeared at the back door!

I can’t even describe our sense of relief!  Although he was pretty banged up, he was in good spirits, tail-wagging and all!

Road to Recovery

Mac’s Sunday was filled with lots of rest, food, water, cuddles, and visitors.

safe and sound

Our friend, Kevin, brought over some treats for the patient.

bag of doggy treats

We made a trip to the vet to get checked out.

vet trip

Because of all his road rash, the vet thinks a moving car may have brushed up against him causing him to fall on the pavement.  He also has lots of cuts, scrapes, and bruises but luckily, no reports of broken bones or fractures!

sleeping dog Mac

Back at home, more sleeping for our puppy.


Dave and I are soo thankful for the support and prayers from all our family and friends.  We also cannot believe how many people (mostly complete strangers) were incredibly supportive through the Lost Dogs of Illinois post on Facebook.  I mean, nearly 600 “Shares” on our “Lost Dog” post and 758 “Likes” on the “Home at Last!” post?  Most came in a matter of an hour or two.  That’s crazy!

Thank you everyone!  We are so happy to have our little guy back!


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