WIAW #4: Pass the Protein

If you’ve seen any of my previous WIAW posts, you can see I typically eat the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with two snacks snuck in between those meals.  Additionally, I always try to incorporate a healthy amount of protein with every meal.  For one, it helps keeps me satiated, but it also ensures to preserve all the muscle I’ve worked hard to build up over the years.

According to this Women’s Health article, the average woman should consume 70 to 140 grams of protein per day, or 0.5-1.0 grams per pound of body weight. The article suggest women who are highly active should aim for the higher end of the spectrum.

While I do like a lot of high protein foods, my true love is carbs.  That means if I’m not diligent about including protein at every meal and snack, then I find it very easy to fall short of the recommended amount.

Though I focus a lot on protein, I’ve never actually counted the number of protein grams I consume in a day, so I thought it would be easy to factor into a “What I Ate Wednesday” post.

Here we go!


I began my day as usual – early workout, then breakfast in the car on my way to work.

almond peanut cashew butter

This was the highlight of my yogurt bowl: almond peanut cashew butter.  Very smooth with only a subtle peanut flavor.  I found it at Target a few months ago but haven’t seen it since.  I might just have to re-create at home when I run out!

yogurt bananas almond peanut cashew butter

Bananas on the bottom (so they wouldn’t turn brown), greek yogurt, and the butter.

Total Protein: 22 grams

Mid Morning Snack


Steamed edamame with sea salt.

I bought one of those frozen bags of edamame that you can steam in the microwave.  Each serving has 8 grams of protein for only 100 calories!

Total Protein:  8 grams 


I was MORE than ready for lunch by the time it came around.  My stomach was grumbling and almost called for another little snack but I managed to hold off.

turkey and hummus wrap

Whole wheat wrap filled with spring mix, herb roasted turkey slices, sun-dried tomato hummus and grape tomatoes.  On the side, (unpictured) steamed broccoli from the caf.

Total Protein:  22 grams

Afternoon Snack

cottage cheese and blackberries

Cottage cheese with fresh blackberries.

Total Protein:  20 grams


balsamic stuffed chicken and salad

Chicken breast stuffed with roasted red peppers and goat cheese with a roasted red pepper balsamic reduction sauce.  On the side – basic spring mix salad.

The chicken may not be the prettiest but this meal tasted ah-mazing!  I didn’t use any recipe and just experimented with what I had on hand and oh. my. gosh.  Definitely hit the spot!

Emerald Sweet & Salty Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

Right after dinner, I was craving something sweet so I had a handful or two of these babies.

pb choco nuts

Somebody must be feeling better 😉

Total Protein:  42 grams

Over the course of the day, I put a grand total of 114 grams of protein in the bank.  Not too shabby!

Well, I have a certain furry friend practically sitting on top of me so I better give him a little TLC before he goes crazy.  Have a good night!


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