Chipotle Burrito Bowls

Okayyy so how obvious was it this post was on the horizon?  I have been dying to share this burrito bowl on here but I had to get the recipes out there first.

I mean, c’mon, look at this deliciousness.

Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Copy cat chipotle burrito bowl, barbacoa beef style.  There are lots of layers going on here:

burrito bowl

Believe it or not, this bowl came together rather fast.  Once I had the beef in the crock pot, I only spent 5 minutes or less preparing/shredding it after it was cooked.

Cilantro-Corn Salsa –  less than 10 minutes.

Two-Minute Guacamole – umm, I think you can figure that out 😉

And the longest part was probably cooking the rice, but pre-cooked brown rice is always an option to save even more time.  I opted for the long way but I started right when I walked in the door after work so when I was ready to eat, it came together in a flash in one big assembly line.

burrito bowl 2

And you bet I had seconds!!

Happy Friday!



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