Weekend Recap

Lots of good stuff this weekend!  I’m sad it’s over but I’m already looking forward to the Chicago Auto Show Charity Event on Friday so gotta get through this week first.

He Did It Again…

Dave had Friday night off work, so we took full advantage and tried out a new-to-us restaurant downtown St. Charles called Wild Monk Gastropub.  The pub offers a wide selection of beers on tap and gourmet ‘bar food’.  Pulled pork sandwich for me and cheeseburger for him – both were very tasty!

As we were finishing up, Dave got a text message from the GPS tracker system on Mac’s new collar.  It is a little device that attaches to his collar and lets us know when he goes in or out of our property line.  The text informed us the device had somehow been DE-attached from Mac so being the slightly paranoid puppy parents we are right now after the most recent incident, we decided to head home to check things out.

And sure enough, our little Houdini managed to escape… yet again.  Luckily not from home, but again from his giant cage in the garage.

cage escape again

How he manages to squeeze his 90 lb. body through a hole this big with virtually no scratch marks is beyond us.

metal ties

We even upgraded to much stronger and more durable metal ties so he couldn’t chew through them like he did the plastic ones.  Seriously, we have no idea how he got out so quickly.  I mean, we were only gone for an hour!  If only we were flies on the wall…


I finally tried Crossfit for the first time on Saturday morning and loved it!  They require beginners to go through their “On Ramp Program” where they teach the fundamentals of Crossfit and proper form to ensure safety.  The program is 4 weeks long and requires attendance 3 times per week.  Once you’ve graduated from the program, you can begin going to any of the regular classes.  Can’t wait to get started!

After Crossfit and a few errands, I spent the majority of the day cooking up a few things, including my Crock Pot French Toast Oatmeal.  More recipes coming this week!

On Saturday evening, Dave and I met a few of his friends out at The Office to watch the Blackhawks game.  We snacked on buffalo wings and the “Office Loaded Nachos”.

shredded pork nachos

Aside from being ridiculously huge and most definitely not the healthiest option, these nachos were amazing!  BBQ pulled pork, lots of cheese, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole.  Between me and three full grown men, we still didn’t finish them off and sadly left about half the plate.


During the day, Dave and I worked around the house and ran to a few stores to buy some decorations to spice up the interior of these house a bit.

Around 4:30 pm, we headed over to Dave’s cousin, Kevin’s house to watch the Super Bowl.  They had a party with about 50 people and an excellent spread of food.

superbowl food 2 superbowl food

Homemade chili, mac n cheese, hot dogs, spinach dip, ham, chicken nuggets, jalapeno poppers, italian subs, sundried tomato and artichoke grilled cheese, veggies & dip, chips and salsa, taco dip, etc.  The list goes on and on.  These pictures were only about half of the food.

And then came the sweets.

superbowl rice krispy treats 3

These little rice krispy treat footballs were my contribution to the party.

football rice krispies

I used the recipe from the Rice Krispies web site.  Super easy!

We had lots of fun hanging out and catching up with everyone.  Great way to wrap up the weekend! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Miss Chris Creations February 4, 2013 at 4:46 pm Reply

    Love the rice krispies! My friend made the same ones. So yummy and perfect for Superbowl parties.

  2. cleaneatingveggiegirl February 4, 2013 at 10:08 pm Reply

    Those Rice Krispy treat footballs are so adorable and creative! Were they easy to make??

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