Shower and a Sleepover

I’m back with some more weekend highlights!

First of all, this is about the only thing that happened the entire day on Sunday.

sleeping mac

One major cuddle session with Mac “watching” lots of movies on the couch.  I would say there was a lot more napping going on than anything but it felt good to recharge the batteries after a long weekend.


During the day, I went to a baby shower for one of Dave’s cousins, Karri.  She is having a baby boy and is scheduled to deliver on April 11th.


How adorable is this cake?!  They ordered it from Deerfield’s Bakery in Schaumburg.  Not only was it super cute, but the cake and frosting were excellent!

baby boy cake pops

Plus we each took home a baby boy cake pop as the favor.  Equally as cute!


Following the shower, my friends, Darcy and Ashley, came over for a sleepover!  They both brought over an engagement gift which was very sweet of them.


Ashley mod-podged a picture of Dave and I on our engagement night onto a bottle of wine.

wine 2

So creative!


Plus bridal magazines to help with planning.  Apparently, I’ve already been a bride a couple times. 😉

pass along wedding books

Darcy passed along some bride-to-be books that she used for her wedding.  Such a great idea to pass on these items to the next bride-to-be!


Darcy also brought over this wooden letter M.  She had seen a cool wine cork project on Pinterest and thought I could use it for some sort of craft.  I’m excited to get started so we can hang it on the wall in our new house!

After catching up for a bit, we headed to Pizzeria Neo for dinner.  They specialize in wood-fired pizza and offer a wide selection of wines.  We started out with a trio of bruschetta.


Roasted pepper with pesto and olive.  Traditional with tomato, onion and basil.  Rapini with broccoli rabi and sausage.

salad neos

Each of us ordered the Mista salad with mixed greens, lemon olive oil and Parmesan cheese.  Simple, yet delicious!

Neo's Pizza

We decided on two different pizzas for our main course.  On the left is their Diavolo pizza with spicy soppresata and on the right was their pizza of the day, olive oil base (no red sauce) with red onions, pistachios, and some type of meat – tasted like a combination of bacon and ham.  YUMMY!

wine glasses

Darcy, Ashley and I ended the night with a few glasses of wine back at my house and a VERY silly photo shoot which I’ll spare us all by not posting on here but I can promise you, we had a blast!  I just love these girls! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Shower and a Sleepover

  1. manu February 11, 2013 at 9:37 am Reply

    Looks like a fun day!! The preggo cake is adorable!

  2. cleaneatingveggiegirl February 11, 2013 at 10:11 am Reply

    That baby shower cake is awesome!!

    And seriously, how delicious does that pizza look? I am drooling over here! 😉

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