WIAW #6: Back to Basics

With fingers crossed, I believe I’m finally recovering from this cold. I seem to only have aftermath symptoms, like this lingering cough. I would really hate to jinx myself though so I’m continuing to a) get extra sleep, b) drink Emergen-C’s c) and pop Vitamin C like it’s my job.

vitamin c

Except for the fact these things taste like sour orange Tic Tacs, so Vitamin C is pretty easy to take down. 😉 One of my friends at work gave me a big handful of these chew-able tablets from Costco. I can’t remember the last time I had chew-able vitamins but I’ve been loving them!

What I Ate Wednesday

Ok, well it’s about time to move on to the good stuff… food!


A variation of the usual.


From bottom to top –> sliced bananas, Greek yogurt, blackberries and Naturally Nutty Cinnamon Vanilla Sunflower Butter (what a mouthful!).

blackberry banana cinnamon vanilla almond butter yogurt bowl

This butter just so happened to also be named as one of Kath Eats Real Food‘s Top 10 Favorite Nut Butters yesterday! Told ya it was good!

Mid Morning Snack

handfuls of trail mix

I snacked on a few small handfuls of Sunshine Blend to tide me over till lunch.

sunshine blend

I love the combination of the sweet cranberries with the slightly salty dried edamame, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.


Dave and I met his parents out for dinner at Amici’s on Sunday night to discuss some wedding plans. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling very well and couldn’t really taste much so I took a large portion of my blackened chicken salad home in a doggy bag for leftovers and it just so happened to be nice and convenient in packing yesterday’s lunch!

blackened chicken and guac wrap

Blackened chicken, mixed greens, red onion, and guacamole all tucked into a whole wheat wrap.


Carrot sticks and ranch dressing from the cafeteria to round out the meal. Plus, the extra guac for dipping and a lime La Croix, Nothing fancy but it sure tasted good and filled me up.

Afternoon Snack

Without scrolling down any further, can you guess what I made for a snack?

ants on a log ingredients

Ants-on-a-log! And because it’s fun to eat, string cheese on the side.

ants on a log snack

Remember I was reminiscing the other day? Well I thought about this snack again so I gave it a try. I figured traveling with them pre-made would create a big mess so I packed the ingredients and assembled at my desk. Again, very basic but oh-so-good. I ended up with extra “logs” and no ants or… mud? what is the peanut butter supposed to be anyways?


All I have to say was last night’s dinner was sooo soo tasty!

buff sand

Shredded buffalo chicken sandwich with my version of coleslaw inside and on the side (unpictured).

buffalo chicken sandwich

This left me happy and STUFFED 🙂

Recipe coming soon!

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