Not a Bad Day Afterall

Yesterday was a crazy Monday! For starters, I’m supposed to be in St. Louis right now for an audit, but everything seemed to keep changing at the last minute and consequently, I’m staying home this week after all! And I don’t mind one bit! 🙂

For the record, it’s not that I hate auditing or my job or anything like that, but after traveling for 5 years, I’m just simply sick of being away from home. Not to mention the countless hours I’ve spent sitting in airports, waiting for delayed flights, etc. so I was more than thrilled!

After a stressful morning yesterday trying to accomplish 1,000 little tasks in the matter of a few hours, a coworker and I headed to the airport. While waiting at the gate, we checked our return flight home originally scheduled this afternoon and saw a “Cancelled” status.

cancelled flight

I made a few phone calls back to my manager and our travel agent, and we ended up making an executive decision to reschedule the trip entirely due numerous already-cancelled flights and the potentially severe winter storm headed towards Chicago.


Although we would have been able to get to St. Louis with no problem, the likelihood of getting back today is slim-to-none, and it would have been a mess trying to get back on Wednesday as well, all coupled with the fact I estimated our audit would take 3 hours or less.  Definitely not worth it!

However, the only catch was our luggage had already been tagged, scanned and bound for Lambert-St Louis International Airport. Nooo!

no luggage

We spoke to the United Airlines Baggage Claim lady and she filed a report to re-route our bags back to Chicago on the next flight which was either around 5:30 pm or 6:40 pm last night.  As of this morning, the automated customer service reports:

searching for bag

Well, that’s just fantastic.  Hopefully, it winds up on a return flight this morning before the snow storm hits so I can pick it up.  Air-dried hair: not the best look.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

On the Bright Side

Despite being pretty flustered yesterday and a bit out of sorts this morning without my usual gear to get ready, I still had a pretty great day.

Flowers 2

For one, I’ve had these flowers for over a week and a half and last night, I realized there is not one wilting or dying petal in the bunch! Now that may not seem all that impressive, but I am awful at keeping things alive so for spending $3.99 at Jewel, that’s something to be excited about!

Girl Scout Cookies

Secondly, It’s Girl Scout cookie season! There was a nice little delivery of my 4 favorite types of cookies that I had ordered a while ago. It was delicious surprise after a long day!

Finally, the very best part about yesterday was being able to pick up my lil sidekick before heading home.


He was an extremely sleepy pup from spending the entire day at daycamp playing with the other dogs, so he was more than ready to hunker down and snuggle when we arrived home. And after a long day of (not) traveling, I was completely on the same page!


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