WIAW #10: Evansville Audit

Today is a great day because I get to go back home to see my boys tonight!  Yay!  Since I haven’t been out of town for an audit in the last 4 months, this trip wasn’t actually so bad.  I somehow lucked out not having to travel at all recently so it’s hard to complain…. especially because its a big part of my job.  But I still prefer home!

As always, I bring you a What I Ate Wednesday post today, although it will likely look a bit different from my usual eats.  Yesterday was a pretty typical day of meals when I travel on audits so here’s kind of what that looks like.



After sleeping in a bit later than usual, I got up and headed down to the dinky workout room to cover 5 miles on the treadmill.

hotel bfast

On my way upstairs I stopped in the breakfast room to grab some food before heading to my room to get ready for the day.  Feeling rather brave, I loaded up my plate with scrambled eggs.  Normally hotel eggs freak me out but these were actually really tasty!  I topped those with a little hot sauce and enjoyed a banana and peanut butter on the side…. and of course, a cup of coffee.


My two coworkers and I plugged away at our audit for several hours before breaking for lunch.

jj lunch

You can never go wrong with Jimmy Johns!  I chose the #2 Big John (no mayo) – roast beef, lettuce, tomato, and mustard.  Simple and delicious!

jj bathroom sign

Before we left, I stopped in the bathroom and saw this silly sign!  It was posted on the floor RIGHT in front of the toilet.  The signs on the walls of Jimmy Johns stores always amuse me but I had yet to ever see this one.  Just had to snap a pic!


By the time we left the company and arrived back in our hotel room, I was STARVED.


I snacked on some Planters mixed nuts to hold me over until dinner about an hour later.  I totally wanted to eat about 30 more of these bags but I practiced a little self control so I wouldn’t spoil dinner.


Our hotel was surrounded by an endless selection of chain restaurants – Pizza Hut, CiCi’s Pizza, Applebee’s, Bob Evans, Logan’s Roadhouse, etc., none of which sounded appealing so I scoured the internet for other options.  I came across a Mediterranean restaurant called Acropolis and it did not disappoint!

greek dinner

Side Greek salad to start, followed up with chicken & roasted veggie kabobs and accompanied by sauteed zucchini and summer squash.  Phenomenal!

Hopefully the rest of the audit goes by quick, smooth and stress free…. and I’m crossing my fingers there are no delays in traveling this evening.  Have a great Wednesday!


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