WIAW #11: All Over the Place

Andddd I’m back from St. Louis!  Overall, it was a quick trip in and out.  Just how I like it!

Yesterday’s meals were all over the place… literally.


I woke up bright and early to fit in a run before leaving the hotel.

Snowball Bite

I brought along my last snowball energy bite and popped it in my mouth on my way down to the workout room.

hotel gym

The hotel workout facility was a bit cramped but it worked out okay.  Occasionally, the only treadmill or cardio machine at some hotels seem very unstable… borderline unsafe.  But ya just never know until you get there.  Fortunately, they had a pretty decent treadmill to use so I was a happy camper.

hotel breakfast

For the hotel breakfast yesterday, I chose a banana, ham slices and these weird little omelette things which ended up being kinda sketchy.  But since I was already back up in my room, I just doused them in hot sauce and everything was A-OK!

Mid Morning Snack

am snack

Our audit was super easy and straightforward so we were done in practically no time at all.  I gobbled up this little energy bar from my Daily Dose of Green box on the way to the airport.



We had some extra time before our flight took off so we sat down for lunch at a restaurant near our gate.  I ordered the Southwest Chicken and Avocado salad.  It tasted alright since I was pretty hungry but nothing to write home about… pretty mediocre airport food.

Afternoon Snack


During our flight, I snacked on a banana, honey roasted peanuts ,and sparkling water while squeezing in some more studying.


On my way home from the airport, I scooped up this little guy from doggie daycamp.

mac car

Soo happy to see my buddy!!


Thanks to a little prep work earlier this week, dinner was super easy!  I reheated a grilled chicken breast and some sweet potato fries and threw together a quick salad.


Like I said earlier, my meals and snacks were all over the place yesterday but ending at home sweet home! 🙂


2 thoughts on “WIAW #11: All Over the Place

  1. cleaneatingveggiegirl March 20, 2013 at 2:02 pm Reply

    That salad for lunch looks super tasty! And honey roasted peanuts?? Yum! They are seriously the best :).

  2. health advocation March 20, 2013 at 8:48 pm Reply

    yummy, i love sweet potato fries, im planning on making them for dinner tomorrow!

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