Springfield Spring Break

Well Monday certainly came too fast.  How was everyone’s weekends?

Despite being exhausted this morning, I still managed to get up for Crossfit.  I was very tempted to hit the snooze button a few times but I know I always feel better when I jump back into my normal routine after a long weekend so I did just that.  And I’m feeling much better now!

Springfield Spring Break

At each of our girls’ weekends, we try to schedule our next night out together so too much time doesn’t pass in between.  Cassie offered to host the next at her apartment in Springfield, and since the night fell near many people’s Spring Breaks, the nickname “Springfield Spring Break” stuck!

girls spring break springfield

Everyone arrived late afternoon on Saturday and we hung out for a few hours at Cassie’s apartment just catching up with one another.

cassie katie me

Before we knew it, it was already past 8 pm so we headed out to Donnie’s Homespun for some dinner and drinks.  We bar hopped a bit, met up with some of Cassie’s friends, and had an absolute blast!


Ohh boy, this picture represents the highlight of the weekend!  Once we arrived back at Cassie’s from the bars, we threw a pizza in the oven…. and obviously forgot about it!  It was burnt to a crisp!

springfield snow

Ironically, our “Spring Break” weekend ended in a Springfield blizzard on Sunday!  Luckily, we all got a head start back to the Chicago area before most of the snow came.

But for real, it’s officially Spring now… when is the snow going to stop??  I’m so ready for warm weather!

Thanks to Cassie and Katie for most of these pics! 🙂


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