New Kicks

Good morning and happy Friday!!  We have some fun stuff planned for this weekend, so I’m hoping the work day goes by in no time!


A little more deja vu coming at ya…

dinner collage

Yet another steak dinner on the grill last night!  Dave and his cousin, Ryan, found an awesome meat market in Elburn and brought home excellent pieces of meat!

lobster tails

Lobster tails as an appetizer course – sauteed in a white wine garlic butter sauce.

dave and ryan

Ryan taught Dave and I a few lessons on preparing the sauce and sauteeing lobster tails.  Although I’ve never been a huge fan of lobster, I ate several pieces…  I mean, how could you not when it’s drenched in butter, garlic and white wine??  Three of my favorite things. 🙂


After our mini cooking lesson, Dave headed outside to grill up a few different cuts of steak, as well as asparagus and zucchini, all of which tasted amazing!

New Kicks

Upon registering for the half marathon coming up in May, I knew I would need to purchase a new pair of running shoes fairly soon.  Well, that was back in January and now it’s nearly April… time flies!


I finally bought myself a new pair of Reebok RealFlex shoes.  My old pair treated my feet extremely well and I wanted to stick with the same style.


I was really hoping for some in a bright, fun color but they only came in black or blinding yellow at Dick’s Sporting Goods so I settled on the less-than-exiting black pair.  Function over fashion!


Like I said, my old pair was very good to me and I didn’t feel like I really needed a new pair, but ‘they’ say you should replace your running shoes every 500 miles (who really knows when that is?) or when the soles become worn and broken down.


I honestly had no idea just how worn my previous shoes had become until I compared them to my brand new ones.

worn shoes

Each little section of the sole was starting to crease on the sides, an obvious indicator I was due for a new pair… probably back a couple months ago! 😉


What I’m even more thrilled about is the chance to break them in outside this weekend!  It’s supposed to be in the mid-50s tomorrow so you better believe I will be jumping at the opportunity to get a run outside to enjoy the fresh air!

What are your weekend plans?  Anything planned outside to enjoy the weather?

2 thoughts on “New Kicks

  1. L-Jay Health March 29, 2013 at 7:43 am Reply

    Nice kicks!!

  2. cleaneatingveggiegirl March 29, 2013 at 3:05 pm Reply

    I am loving those shoes. Black workout shoes are actually one of my favorites. They seem extra intense and serious!! 😉

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