Easter Mac Photo Shoot

I have to admit there hasn’t been a whole lot of cooking going on in our household lately.  I usually cook the most on the weekends but things have been so crazy around here, I just haven’t had time.  And I miss it!

So until I can stir up the time <pun intended>, here’s some picture updates on Mac.

Easter Party at Kountry Pet Resort

Mac attended the Easter party last Friday at Kountry Pet Resort and the Easter bunny made an appearance!

Easter Party 11 great dane Easter Party 9 Easter Party 7 Easter Party 5 Easter Party 4 Easter Party 3

They posted these pictures on Facebook and I couldn’t stop laughing!

Easter Sunday

While we were over at Dave’s parents’ house, my dad took Mac outside for a mini photo shoot and captured some amazing moments!

Mac - Easter 2013 DSC_5011

Mac - Easter 2013 DSC_5006 Mac - Easter 2013 DSC_5003 Mac - Easter 2013 DSC_4980 Mac - Easter 2013 DSC_4979

Mac - Easter 2013 DSC_4972

Mac - Easter 2013 DSC_4971

Mac - Easter 2013 DSC_4952 Mac - Easter 2013 DSC_4941

What a handsome boy man!  He’s all grown up!  *tear*

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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