Every Vacation Has A Story

Happy Friday!

So I have a CRAZY story from our trip to Florida to share, but I must add a disclaimer, if you have a weak stomach, are currently eating, or will be eating in the near future, you might want to come back a little later!  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! 😉

So after Dave and I finished up wedding stuff in Clearwater on Friday, we headed down to Sarasota to meet our friends, Julie and Will, for the remainder of the weekend.

On Friday night, we had Mexican for dinner and kept things somewhat low key at night.

julie and siesta key beach

On Saturday morning, Julie and I laid out at the beach all day while the boys golfed.  When they returned, we all took a quick power nap before heading out for some Italian food at Gabbiano’s.

So here goes my story…

We were seated in the restaurant’s outdoor area where the tables were covered by a wooden structure, much like a pergola, and had plastic flaps to keep the wind out.  As we were finishing up our meals and chatting away, something fell from the ceiling onto my chest and then proceeded to drop into the napkin across my lap…

My initial thought?  A rat.  As I began to freak out and threw my napkin to the floor, I starting thinking there is no way a rat just fell from the sky.

My next thought?  The fake decorative grapes that lined the wooden pergola.

I hesitated for a split-second, looked up, and my worst guess was confirmed!  Another rat was hanging from the corner, both hind legs and tail dangling above me and was nearly ready to fall after his friend who had already dropped into my lap!!!

From what I can recall (it all became a blur at that point!), I jumped up, knocked over a couple chairs, and booked it out of the restaurant!  Needless to say, our entire meal was on the house, but seriously, how gross is that?? Blahhh!

sarasota free ride

Ughhh okay so anyways, (still gives me the creeps) after several waves of nausea, I was finally able to walk it off a bit.  We headed over to  Captain Curt’s to listen to some karaoke – transportation courtesy of one of Sarasota’s “Free Rides”. (<– they have several people who constantly drive around on golf carts and little cars to give rides to local places, free of charge!  Such a great idea!)

dave and i sarasota

julie will dave me karaoke bar

All the singers were incredible!  Far from what I usually expect on karaoke night.


will julie me dave siesta key beach

After sleeping in late Sunday morning, the four of us took a walk on the beach…

dave will sarasota pool

…and laid by the pool.  Nice and relaxing!

grilling out tiki hut sarasota

For dinner, we grilled out by the tiki huts at the condo building.  Perfect way to wrap up our vacation! 🙂

Thanks to Julie who took most of the pictures!!

Update:  I just got to work and look at what was on my desk….


Oh my goshhhh I jumped back right away!!! Darn coworker….

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One thought on “Every Vacation Has A Story

  1. cleaneatingveggiegirl April 26, 2013 at 10:36 am Reply

    Ohhh my goodness!! That sounds like an absolute nightmare of a dining experience! I most definitely would have freaked out.

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