Back in Business!

Guess what?  Only 365 days to go until our wedding!  Woohoo! 😉

It’s crazy to think that Dave and I got engaged almost 5 months ago.  Feels like last month!  Things started out a little slow on the planning front, but it was all very intentional.  I wanted to enjoy the holidays, finish moving and unpacking, settle into our new house and have a chance to enjoy our engagement a little bit before tackling such an overwhelming task.

I may be one of only a few girls who did not have any pre-conceived ideas about the who/what/where/when/etc. of my future wedding.  About all I envisioned of my big day was walking down the aisle in a white dress.  That’s it.  Not to mention, Dave took me completely by surprise, so to say this whole process started off overwhelming is an understatement, but a little teamwork makes it all better and a lot more fun!  Plus I have plenty of time!  So far, not stressed a bit! We’ll see how I feel 6 months from now! 😉


Sooo please tell me I’m not the only one who scrolls through Pinterest for hours on end and drools over all the amazingly delicious food?  And anyone else instantly get hungry just from looking at those pictures?  Some nights I curl up on the couch after dinner (read: I have a full, satisfied stomach) and hop on Pinterest browsing new recipes to pin, only to find myself raiding the pantry 15 minutes later.  Never fails!

This is especially true over the last several weeks without a working oven since I haven’t been able to bake anything.


But, we’re back in business!

The main issue was faulty hinges on the left oven door causing it not to close all the way.  We simply called the company who informed us they had recalled the hinges and oven door for this exact problem and shipped us new parts.  They arrived the other day and Dave fixed it last night, so I’m hoping to get a little baking in this weekend! 🙂

I’ve had my eye on a few things lately so I thought I’d share what I’ve been craving for the past couple weeks:

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

via Pinch of Yum


Crispy Buffalo Oven Fries

via How Sweet Eats


Copycat Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

via Chocolate Covered Katie


Baked Ham & Cheese Pretzel Sandwiches with Garlic Butter

via Iowa Girl Eats

pretzel sandwich

Nutella Swirled Peanut Butter Banana Bread

via Sally’s Baking Addiction


Well I told you!  Just writing this post has me hungry! 😉

Happy Friday!


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