Caprese Salad

Guess what I did a few days ago?

tj's grocery bag

Yep, a trip to Trader Joe’s!  After I talked about it last time, the idea became stuck in my head and I just had to make a quick trip over there.

TJ's Groceries

I purchased lots of new-to-me products so it was yet again another successful trip!  I found myself the most excited about the following:

  • Buffalo Jerky – a little bit sweet & spicy and very tender
  • Coconut Chips – crunchy little strips of dried coconut; would be very tasty in a trail mix!
  • Coconut Oil Spray – makes using coconut oil much less messy
  • Roasted Frozen Corn – can’t wait to whip up a Mexican corn dip with easy, pre-roasted corn
  • Individual Frozen Basil Cubes – just pop em out and throw in soups, sauces, pasta, etc.
  • Espresso Pillows:

espresso pillows

As usual, I always snag an impulse buy while at the register checking out and these did not disappoint!  A hint of chocolate, toffee and coffee.  I’ve been keeping these guys in my desk drawer at work for when my sweet tooth kicks in!

caprese salad ingredients

I also picked up a giant container of fresh basil (for cheap!), vine ripened tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella.

caprese salad3

In a matter of minutes, these ingredients came together for one of my very favorite salads.

caprese salad6

I don’t know what it is about this combination, but I absolutely love it!  Fresh ingredients are the key!

caprese salad5

I also love the addition of avocado but unfortunately, I had a bum avocado so I had to do without.

caprese salad4

Obviously, this isn’t my recipe but I couldn’t help sharing such a perfect dish for summer.

caprese salad


Fresh tomatoes

Fresh mozzarella

Fresh basil

Olive oil

Salt & pepper


Slice tomatoes and mozzarella about 1/4-1/2 inch thick.  Alternate layers of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.  Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt & pepper, to taste.

caprese salad3b


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