Chicago Spring Half Marathon 2013

We did it!!

me cassie amanda 2013 half marathon 2

*Above picture courtesy of Cassie 🙂

Not only did the three of us run the entire half marathon (no walking), but we all finished with great times!

As I mentioned before, my goals were to 1) run the entire 13.1 miles, 2) pace myself, 3) push myself a little bit, and 4) finish with less than a 10 minute per mile pace.

2013 chicago spring half marathon time

Well, I accomplished all of my goals.  Plus, I finished with an overall average pace of 8:28.  I was shocked!  I had no idea I had it in me!

cassie and i 2013 half marathon 2

A lot of the credit goes to this girl right here.  Let me tell ya, Cassie is speedy! 😉  I decided to begin the race with her and try to keep up as long as my body would let me.  I figured I would end up trailing way behind at some point but I just kept pushing myself to stay with her.  I did keep up with her until about the last mile when I began running out of gas.  I tapered off a little, but still finished exactly 30 seconds behind her.

Although I was beyond exhausted by the very end, I was soo glad my knees and IT bands didn’t ever give me a problem during the race which I had been a little worried about.

me cassie amanda 2013 half marathon

The weather was nearly perfect!  The temperature started out around 60 degrees and as we finished, it had climbed into the mid-70s.  It would’ve felt hotter if the sun was out in full force, but it hid behind some clouds most of the morning and there was a cool breeze off the lake.

We celebrated afterwards with brunch at Kirkwood’s and a few drinks.  I finally headed home and parked it on the couch to relax for the rest of the afternoon and evening with my two favorite boys! 🙂

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