The Internship

Heyyy there!  Hope everyone’s week is moving along smoothly.

berries nectarines yogurt

I’ve been taking advantage of the seasonal fruits lately – mostly berries and nectarines – so breakfast has been looking a lot like this the past few mornings.

berries and nectarines yogurt bowl2

I’ve especially been loving the nectarines.  So juicy and sweet and a perfect topping for cold yogurt on a hot, muggy day!  Yummy!

The Internship

Dave and I recently figured out the last time we’ve both been to the movies was since before we got Mac!  That’s over a year ago!

So when Dave text me yesterday afternoon to suggest a movie, I was totally in!

the internship2

Neither one of us had any particular movie in mind, so we just looked at the nearby theaters and chose one that fit best with our schedule.  We both generally tend towards comedies so The Internship seemed to fit the bill.

the internship noogles2

The movie was about two men who lost their jobs and somehow managed to land internship jobs at Google.  All the interns had to form teams to compete against one another in order to be hired on full-time after the summer was over.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn always make a good combination.  Although I wouldn’t say it was quite up to par with Wedding Crashers, it was still pretty funny and entertaining.  Plus, it was nice to finally get back in the theater for a change of pace!


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