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Adult By Day, Kid By Night

Hey there!

I took the day off work yesterday to get some major school work done for my online class.  My procrastination finally crept up on me and I realized I need to get my butt in gear.  Like for real this time.

scrambled eggs feta avocado cholula

I woke up bright and early and made myself a nice big bowl of scrambled eggs for some brain fuel.  My favorite mix of avocado, feta cheese, and hot sauce.

After working away for several hours, I finally got up to the point to take one of two exams and I somehow squeezed out a 98%!  Although I still have another exam and a paper to complete, I feel the biggest weight off my shoulders just to know that I’ve finally made somewhat of a dent in the class.  Wheww!

Sky High Sports

Around 2pm, I took a much needed break to meet some coworkers at Sky High Sports.

sky high trampoline

It is a facility located in Niles, IL with lots of giant trampolines to jump on and have fun!

sky high trampoline 2

One of my coworkers, who has been to this trampoline park before, saw a coupon deal on Living Social and invited several of us to go since it is pretty close to our work.

sky high group

I was a little skeptical at first but we had a blast for the entire 2 hours!

foam pit rachel flip

In addition to the normal trampoline area, there is a section to jump in a giant foam pit.

foam pit lauren flip

The kid came out in all of us and we were all doing flips into the pit.

dodgeball 2

Another trampoline area was set up for dodgeball.


As you can see, we were playing with kids averaging maybe 12 years old.  But that didn’t stop us and the kids enjoyed kicking our butts!  (I promise, we weren’t the ONLY adults 😉 )

sky high csf group

All of us had an absolute blast and were talking about going back again sometime!  Great place for kids…maybe even better for adults! 😉


Splash of Milk & Avocado Tricks

Gooooood morning!


The day began with a warm bowl of scrambled eggs with avocado, Cholula hot sauce and a little salt and pepper, which is quickly becoming my go-to breakfast or some similar variation.

Up until recently, I simply just whisked a few eggs together with some salt and pepper and poured in a heated skillet.


I thought my eggs were very tasty, that is until I started adding a splash of milk to the mix and it brought everything to the next level!  The inclusion of milk (about 1-2 tbls) yields fluffier, creamer eggs.  Who knew there would be such a difference?

Avocado Tricks

Apparently, scrambled eggs go hand-in-hand with avocados… or at least in my world.  I simply can’t get enough of the creamy combo!


As I was cooking breakfast, I thought of a few tricks I’ve learned when preparing an avocado so I figured I’d share!

Checking for Ripeness

Recently I was browsing around on Pinterst (of course) and came across an interesting tip for determining whether an avocado is ripe.


The pin suggested to pop off the stem and if it light green inside, the avocado is ready for devouring!  If it’s brown, then it means it’s overly ripe and likely to be mushy inside.


Mine turned out nearly perfect!  I’m not sure this is necessarily a foolproof method since I’ve only tried it once but in this case, it worked.  I generally give them a gentle squeeze and if they’re slightly soft, then I deem them ready to eat.

Easy Dicing Method

As my eggs were cooking away, I diced up an avocado.


I’ve found the easiest, cleanest way to cut up an avocado is to slice it vertically and horizontally and then scoop it out with a large spoon.


I used to scoop out the entire half with a spoon and then try to dice it, but I always ended up with a giant mess so I prefer the dice, then scoop method.

Storing Avocado

Avocados ripen faster in room temperature and even faster when put in a brown paper bag (much like a banana will).  If the avocado is already ripe, store in the fridge up to a few days so it slows the ripening process.

How do you determine when an avocado is ripe?  Any other good tricks?