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WIAW #18: Bowls of Goodness

Gooood morning!  Hope you’re having a fantastic week so far!  Only a couple more days before the long Memorial Day weekend. 🙂

Before I head off to St Louis for an audit this week, here is another What I Ate Wednesday post.


I’m pretty much obsessed with this scrambled egg combination and I’ve been eating it up like crazy lately.  Since I’m taking a few days off to recover, I have extra time in the morning to prepare a hot bowl of eggs.

scrambled eggs avocado feta cholula

Three eggs scrambled with a splash of milk and dash of salt and pepper, topped with half a diced avocado, lots of crumbled feta cheese, and few shakes of Cholula hot sauce.

mcdonalds coffee

When I arrived up at my desk, I had a piping hot cup of coffee from Mickey D’s waiting for me, courtesy of one of my coworkers. 🙂

Mid Morning Snack

I dove straight into work and was able to accomplish a lot without checking the clock every 20 minutes which definitely made the first half of the day go by in a flash!  Love days like those.

roasted red pepper hummus snap peas baby carrots - Copy

My bowl of eggs fueled me nicely throughout the morning and my only indication that it was past 10 am were the growls escaping my stomach.  I munched on baby carrots and snap peas dipped in roasted red pepper hummus while I continued working away at my desk.


I finally broke for lunch and went downstairs to eat with a few coworkers.

blackened chicken salad 3 - Copy

Holy cow.  This salad was DE-licious!

blackened chicken salad - Copy

Spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, craisins, macadamia nuts, goat cheese, and blackened chicken (leftovers from Monday night’s dinner).

newman's own lite sun dried tomato - Copy

I poured this Lite Sun Dried Tomato dressing into the bottom of the container along with the cucumbers so the rest of the salad remained fresh.  When I was ready to eat, I shook everything up so the dressing could evenly distribute.  Very tasty!

Afternoon Snack

The other day Jewel was offering two 1 lb containers of strawberries for $4.  Although I intended on purchasing blackberries instead, the decision was a no-brainer – a tiny clamshell of blackberries for $3.98 vs 2 lbs of strawberries for basically the same price.

And now I’m stuck eating 2 lbs of strawberries! 😉

white chocolate macadamia butter strawberries yogurt bowl 2 - Copy

I snacked on a bowl of Greek yogurt topped with cut-up strawberries and Reginald’s White Chocolate Macadamia Peanut Butter.

reginalds white chocolate macadamia peanut butter - Copy

A perfect afternoon pick-me-up!


The positive side to skipping a morning workout is getting out of work a bit earlier.  I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing and enjoying some leisurely cooking in my kitchen.

pretzels and pepperjack cheese snack

I snacked on a few Italian Bistro Pretzels from my Nature Box this month and pepperjack cheese slices while I worked in the kitchen.

veggie garlic pasta bowl 2

I finally sat down to a big bowl of pasta.  I layered baby spinach on the bottom, which wilted down nicely from the hot fettuccine, along with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, roasted garlic dressing, red pepper flakes, and parmesan cheese.

veggie garlic pasta bowl

I had a real craving for marinara sauce which is what inspired me to cook up the pasta, but I failed to realize that I had no sauce in the pantry until the very last second.  Instead, I tossed the pasta lightly in roasted garlic dressing and it tasted great!

trader joe's dark chocolate almonds

I cuddled up with blankets and my furry friend to watch TV and munch on a few dark chocolate almonds.

trader joe's dark chocolate almonds 2

These things are dangerously good!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


WIAW #15: Full to the Max

Hello there!

Can we please talk about how it’s May already?  Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego did April go?

carmen sandiego


Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers Carmen Sandiego?!

Ahh well, ya know what ‘they’ say…. April showers bring May flowers.  And I think we’re all ready for flowers and warm weather.  At least I am!

What I Ate Wednesday

Not only is today the first day of May, but it’s also Wednesday so I guess another WIAW post is in order.  Click on this to see what it’s all about!


I skipped last week because a) I was too excited to share our update on the wedding plans, b) our fridge was nearly bare from being out of town (it took me a full week to finally go grocery shopping), and c) I was too darn lazy to photograph a single piece of food.  So there.

But WIAW is back today, let’s have a look.


I created an egg wrap to go for my car ride in to work.

egg wrap to go

I used to make these ALLLLL the time and then, I don’t know what happened?!  I just stopped all of a sudden – I tend to get stuck in breakfast ruts making the same thing over an over (aka yogurt bowls… don’t worry, still love ’em) but I figured it’s time to get a little crazy and ya know, mix things up a bit. 😉

And now that these bad boys have been reintroduced, they will definitely be back in the breakfast rotation!

egg wrap steps

Warm whole wheat tortilla with a Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge spread in the middle (I used French Onion this time) with 3 scrambled eggs in the middle and of course, lathered with Cholula sauce!  So. So. Good.

Mid Morning Snack

My wrap was quite filling so I wasn’t too hungry in between breakfast and lunch, but I packed a light snack and ate it about an hour before lunch.

snap peas and carrots

Baby carrots (which were super fat and not so ‘baby’-ish), plus sugar snap peas.  By the way, snap peas = amazing!  So crispy and crunchy 🙂


Monday night, at Dave’s request, I threw 2 lbs of chicken breasts into the crock pot to make a big ol batch of shredded buffalo chicken.  So of course, it made an appearance in my lunch the next day.


Yet another way to prep chicken ahead of time. 😉

leftover buffalo chicken - salad

Baby romaine salad, topped with a mix of roasted zucchini, summer squash and red onion, plus grape tomatoes, shredded buffalo chicken, lots of creamy goat cheese, and balsamic dressing.  Oh my goodness, this was soooo tasty!


And a ‘nana on the side.

Afternoon Snack

Per the usual, I needed something more to eat a few hours later.

pumpkin greek yogurt

Greek yogurt with canned pumpkin loosely stirred in and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg.


I took advantage of the B-E-A-UTIFUL weather and ate dinner outside as the sun went down.  Ohhh and it made me crave summer that much more.  I think (I HOPE!) it’s finally here… 😉

turkey burger spaghetti squash

Underneath everything is roasted spaghetti squash and the remaining leftover roasted zucchini, summer squash and red onions, all topped with a generous serving of spicy marinara sauce.

turkey burger spaghetti squash 2

George grilled up a turkey breast and I then layered some marinara, mozzarella and fresh parmesan cheese on top and stuck under the broiler for a few minutes to melt.  I guess it was a spin off chicken parmesan… except with a turkey burger.  Oh yeah, and no breading.

This meal came together surprisingly well for being as hungry as I was!  I often envision a wonderfully put-together meal on my way home from work and then somewhere along the way, my hunger gets the best of me and kills the execution.  This was not the case.

The only issue with this meal is it left me uncomfortably full…

banana bite

…ummm that is, until I heard my name being called from the freezer, so I enjoyed a banana bite to round out the meal.


I mean, after all I still had room in my dessert stomach for a little sweetness! 😉

Have a fantastic Wednesday and Happy May 1st!

WIAW #14: Clean Out the Fridge

Soo I have a countdown posted in our house to keep track of the days until our mini-vacation in Florida.


And in case you were wondering… yes, I am fully aware I am acting like a child.  I’m just ecstatic to get out of this Chicago weather and take a break from reality for a few days. 🙂

What I Ate Wednesday

After Sunday’s feast with the family, the fridge is packed with leftovers and other food that needs to be eaten up before we leave on our trip.  Although I usually eat ‘leftovers’ in some form each day, this week has been especially dedicated to using up any and all food that might spoil while we’re gone.

If you’re unfamiliar with WIAW, check out the host, Peas and Crayons, to find out what it’s all about.


I skipped working out in the am yesterday in order to fit in an extra hour of sleep that my body so desperately needed.

leftover grilled veggies scrambled eggs

I sauteed up some red and orange bell peppers, along with Sunday’s grilled zucchini and summer squash, and topped with a few scrambled eggs and shredded Parmesan cheese.

PR Bar Peanut Butter Granola

About 20 minutes further into my drive, I was still hungry (probably because I slept through dinner the night before) so I dug out a Peanut Butter Granola PR Bar from my purse to enjoy with my coffee.

Mid Morning Snack

Breakfast satisfied me until about 10:30 and while I probably could’ve held off another hour or so until lunch, I ate the snack I packed anyways.

leftover mozzarella tomato avocado salad with basil dressing

Hmmm… not the most appetizing-looking but it was delicious!  Again from Sunday – tomato, mozzarella and avocado salad with homemade basil vinaigrette.  Love this combo!


Lunch looked a lot like breakfast, with a few substitutions.

leftover grilled veggies and chicken

Same veggie base, plus grilled chicken instead of eggs and this Mmmm Sauce instead of cheese.

Honestly, I have no idea how to go about explaining the flavor of this sauce, except that it is so darn good!!  The one downfall is it requires nutritional yeast which isn’t an ingredient you typically find in the average pantry.  But if you do have access to it, seriously, you have to try this sauce.  I found the nutritional yeast at a local health food store.  The Mmmm Sauce has such a unique and absolutely delicious flavor and the name fits it perfectly!

Afternoon Snack

I was a very busy bee after lunch running around trying to wrap up a few loose ends before heading off on vacation for several days.  The afternoon flew by and all of a sudden I was hungry again.

yogurt bananas pb

A familiar breakfast combo turned into a snack – sliced banana with Greek yogurt and a scoop of chunky peanut butter.


Sighhh this is where I wish I could just cut off this post.  Dinner was pathetic.  Actually there wasn’t a ‘dinner’, just lots of snacks followed by a very early bedtime.

trail mix

I polished off the remaining trail mix I made this weekend.


Then finished the rest of the birthday popcorn I made for my Dad and Nikki (whose birthdays are both coming up!).

And then, I proceeded to raid the pantry and ate a bunch of random food, including some vanilla almonds, dates, and two spoonfuls of peanut butter.

Pathetic, I know.  Hey, there is always today to get back into healthy eating again! 😉

Have a great Wednesday!

Splash of Milk & Avocado Tricks

Gooooood morning!


The day began with a warm bowl of scrambled eggs with avocado, Cholula hot sauce and a little salt and pepper, which is quickly becoming my go-to breakfast or some similar variation.

Up until recently, I simply just whisked a few eggs together with some salt and pepper and poured in a heated skillet.


I thought my eggs were very tasty, that is until I started adding a splash of milk to the mix and it brought everything to the next level!  The inclusion of milk (about 1-2 tbls) yields fluffier, creamer eggs.  Who knew there would be such a difference?

Avocado Tricks

Apparently, scrambled eggs go hand-in-hand with avocados… or at least in my world.  I simply can’t get enough of the creamy combo!


As I was cooking breakfast, I thought of a few tricks I’ve learned when preparing an avocado so I figured I’d share!

Checking for Ripeness

Recently I was browsing around on Pinterst (of course) and came across an interesting tip for determining whether an avocado is ripe.


The pin suggested to pop off the stem and if it light green inside, the avocado is ready for devouring!  If it’s brown, then it means it’s overly ripe and likely to be mushy inside.


Mine turned out nearly perfect!  I’m not sure this is necessarily a foolproof method since I’ve only tried it once but in this case, it worked.  I generally give them a gentle squeeze and if they’re slightly soft, then I deem them ready to eat.

Easy Dicing Method

As my eggs were cooking away, I diced up an avocado.


I’ve found the easiest, cleanest way to cut up an avocado is to slice it vertically and horizontally and then scoop it out with a large spoon.


I used to scoop out the entire half with a spoon and then try to dice it, but I always ended up with a giant mess so I prefer the dice, then scoop method.

Storing Avocado

Avocados ripen faster in room temperature and even faster when put in a brown paper bag (much like a banana will).  If the avocado is already ripe, store in the fridge up to a few days so it slows the ripening process.

How do you determine when an avocado is ripe?  Any other good tricks?

Crossfit Open Workout 13.3

So I did it again.

I drove my butt over to Crossfit this morning with plans to endure 12 minutes of pain in another open workout.

check your ego at the door

I walked up to the door, read this sign, turned around and went back home….

…just kidding! 😉

But this sign couldn’t apply more to Crossfit.  Nearly every time I read a workout when I first started, I think to myself, “psshh this will be a piece a cake!”  And you want to know what?  I was wrong EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Since I’ve been doing Crossfit for the last couple months, that mentality is quickly weaning away.  I am finally getting it through my head that none of these workouts are easy.  They are brutal.  But like I’ve said before, they bring a such an amazing level of satisfaction once completed and I walk out with a high sense of accomplishment.


Having said all that, when the Crossfit Games announced this week’s open workout, there was not one ounce of me that thought this would be easy.

crossfit 13.3 workout

Okay so first of all, 150 wall balls?  Ouch.  In case you are unfamiliar, wall balls consist of squatting down holding a giant medicine ball and throwing it up against the wall.  Ladies use 14 lbs and throw at a 9 ft target.


One double under is jumping rope where the rope goes under your feet twice in one hop.  Yikes.  And finally, a muscle up is where you hold onto 2 gymnastics rings and pull yourself all the way up.  All the exercises are shown here.

My results?  I completed 150 wall balls and 28 double-unders in 12 minutes and I felt like I was going to die.  But again, looking back I’m glad I gave it a try!

Walk & Breakfast

Per the usual Saturday morning, I took Mac on a nice 30 minute walk.


Although it’s still annoyingly cold for the end of March, it didn’t seem so bad today since the sun was bright and shining!


I swear the sun has all the difference in the world when it’s cold outside.  Just makes me one happy girl!


Breakfast might not be all that much to look at, but it was tasty and satisfying!  Scrambled eggs, chicken sausage and avocado.  Yummy!

Now I’m off for a girls’ weekend in Springfield… Spring Break 2013 baby! 😉