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Meet Jax

Pheww these past few days have been busy busy busy!

We recently hired 6 new people for our department and yesterday was their first.  Not only am I the supervisor primarily responsible for getting the new hires all situated when they first arrived, but I was scheduled to do yesterday’s training session as well, so I was on-the-go all day and had no time to stop in and recap the weekend!


Better late than never, so here we go.  Friday and Saturday were pretty low key as far as my social life goes.  I played the role of a bookworm nearly all day Saturday and studied my butt off.

Highlights from Saturday:

yogurt cheerios bberries peanuts

Greek yogurt, honey nut cheerios, blueberries, honey roasted peanuts.

deconstructed kebab

Deconstructed chicken and veggie kebabs

I mean I love food and all… but the fact that leftovers were the most exciting thing during the day on Saturday indicates it was a pretty dull day.


On the other hand, Sunday was full of fun stuff!

cake and presents

We went over to Dave’s parents house around 11:30 for Maddie’s 4th birthday party.

maddie bday party

photo (31)

We relaxed out by the pool most of the afternoon and watched all the kids play.

dunk tank

The dunk tank was definitely the hit of the party!  Even the adults loved it 😉

mac and jax 4

Meet Mac’s new friend, Jax!

mac and jax1

Dave’s cousin and his wife, Kevin and Diane, just recently added this little guy to their family.  He’s about 15 weeks old, only 7 or 8 pounds and will grow just a few pounds bigger.  Such a cute little guy!

mac and jax 2

Mac and Jax enjoyed keeping an eye on the kids while sharing Mac’s bed together.

mac and jax 3

Two peas in a pod! 🙂


Later on, Dave, Mac and I headed over to my aunt’s house for a little family get-together to celebrate my cousin, Heidi, who just recently graduated from North Central College!

After a couple hours, we headed back home and were greeted with friends in the lot next to us!

deerA doe and her two baby fawns!!


We were able to get really close to them before they bounded away.

When we first moved to our house, Dave and I both would see on average 7-8 deer… per day!!  When springtime rolled around, all the deer were in hiding while they gave birth to their babies.  After I saw that one picture, I have been waiting (impatiently) all spring to see a fawn for myself and it finally happened!  Yay!


Summer Firsts

This weekend officially marked the beginning of summer… for me at least!  Among many things that reminded me of summer, I finally feel like the temperatures were consistently in the 70s and 80s.

First Ice Cream Run

Yumz frozen yogurt

Dave and I hit up a new yogurt spot a few minutes from our house called Yumz.  It’s one of those self-serve shops with tons of flavors and toppings to create your own dessert.  I’m telling you, that was a dangerous move.  I mean, very dangerous.  I have a feeling we’ll be back all too quickly! 😉


yogurt blueberries granola

Lots of them!  I topped yogurt with blueberries, threw them in cereal, and ate them straight out of the container.  All weekend long.  Sooo good!

Flowers in Bloom

patio flowers

Okay so I know flowers are technically a sign of spring, but our back patio is beaming with colors from all sorts of flowers.

rose bush close up



They are sooo beautiful, I couldn’t stop staring at them all weekend… from the back patio window… while I was slaving away doing schoolwork.  😦

Laying by the Pool

mac sunbathing

Lounge chair, beach bag, sun shining… enough said! 😉   Yay for the summer!

Oh Deer!

Since I was running or recovering from running most of the weekend, there wasn’t any cooking or baking going on and therefore, I’ve got nothing very exciting in the food/kitchen department to report.  However, I’ve had a few random things going on and a super adorable picture I just have to share.

Race Recovery

It’s been 48 hours since the half marathon and I’m still moving a little slow.  😉  Surprisingly, it’s nowhere near how sore I thought I would be feeling, but mainly just some tightness in my calves and pain in the top of my right foot.

foam roller

Meet my very best friend as of late – the foam roller.  Although it occasionally inflicts incredible amounts of pain, it works wonders to relieve tension and tightening in your muscles.  One of those “hurts so good” moments, ya know?

Ok, so sore calves, I get it.  But pain in the top of my foot?  And the onset was nearly 2 hours after the race?  Not sure what this is all about.


Advil to the rescue!  I rarely take medicine, even as common as Advil or Tylenol.  But I have been researching this foot pain to get an idea of what it could be and taking ibuprofen helps reduce pain and inflammation.  All I know is it definitely helps!

I found one diagnosis that seems to make the most sense – extensor tendonitis.  According to this article, “tendonitis is caused by overly tight calves, tying shoes too tight, or overused tendons from repetitive movement such as running. Tendonitis is experienced during the latter portions of training for a marathon when high mileage runs are prevalent.”

Seems spot on, if you ask me!  I’m predicting my shoes were tied just fine during the race but as my feet started swelling afterwards, my shoes became tighter and irritated my foot.  Additionally, my calves were sore to begin with so I’m sure that was a contributing factor as well.  If my diagnosis is accurate, the good thing is rest will help it heal, which is exactly what I’ve been doing.

Oh Deer!

As I have mentioned before, living out in the suburbs is quite different than city life, especially in terms of animals.  For example, I am used to seeing 8-10 deer in our neighborhood on any given day.

Well, that is until the last couple weeks where I haven’t seen a single deer.  I recently learned this is prime time for mothers to have their baby fawns, so they are hiding back in the trees away from all the activity.

Last night, Dave showed me a picture one of his coworkers took over the weekend.

baby deer

How stinkin cute is he??  To put the fawn’s size in perspective, this baby is approximately the size of a pair of shoes.  So so tiny!  Only a couple days old at most.

Dave’s coworker was out mowing his lawn one afternoon and came across this little guy curled up in the tall grass.  When the newborn realized someone was near, he got up and wobbled away on his brand new, weak little legs.  So precious, I can’t even stand it.  You better believe I’ll have my eyes peeled for these little ones near our house. 🙂