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Random Thoughts on a Thursday

So I have a few random thoughts to share with you today.

When I trained for my last half marathon a few years ago, I remember having a lot of random thoughts cycling through my head during long runs.  Despite the monotony of running for miles on end, especially on a treadmill, I actually enjoy that time to relax my mind.  Generally, my stresses fall to the wayside and my mind wanders to random places.

Today was one of those days!  So here’s some randomness for you on a Thursday:

1.  With all the recent talk about choosing a new pope, I’ve been wondering just how they go about choosing a pope?

I mean, those are some giant shoes to fill and they seemed to have made a decision rather quickly, right?


Since I’m not Catholic, I really don’t know much about the Catholic church.  After a little research, however, I learned a few things:

  • The new pope must be elected by at least a 2/3 majority vote at the Papal Conclave.
  • The Papal Conclave is a meeting of the College of Cardinals, comprised of all the Cardinals in the Catholic church.  
  • Black smoke from the Sistine Chapel signifies a pope has not been chosen and white smoke announces a new pope has been chosen.

This all might be common knowledge to most of you so don’t judge!

One lingering question I still have:  how do they choose which churches get Cardinals and which do not?  Just curious! 😉

2.  How cool does this race look?  Glow Rush 2013

Glow Rush2

Apparently, it’s a 5k race held at night and you wear fun glow-in-the-dark apparel and work in teams to search for clues in a scavenger hunt.  Sounds like a blast!

Glow Rush 2013

Afterwards, they hold a glow-in-the-dark post race party with music and food.  I think my friends and I are going to participate this year!  🙂

3.  Does anyone else use Google Reader?  I signed on this morning and this little note popped up:

google reader1I’m bummed!  My morning routine is to sign in and check both my email and google reader accounts.  Now what am I going to use??

About a month ago, I read about BlogLovin over at Peace Love & Oats so it seems a fitting time to start switching over all my blogs.

4.  A few St. Patrick’s Days ago, I baked these Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes.

irish car bomb cupcakes

Considering I normally seem to bake every other week, it feels like forever since I’ve baked anything.  Plus I love baking festive treats for the holidays so maybe I’ll try these guys again.

I’m wondering if I’m allowed to bring them to work since they have both Baileys AND Guiness?? 😉

5.  Today is 3/14 National Pi Day!

pi day

When I saw this on the news, I immediately thought of my 6th grade math teacher.  On the day we learned about “pi”, I remember walking into 2nd period and he was sitting on his desk eating a slice of pie at about 9 am.  I will never forget it!

I wish I had known this before preparing my breakfast this morning and I could have celebrated by having:

Sweet Potato Pie Yogurt Bowl

sweet potato pie breakfast

Or Apple Pie Yogurt Bowl

apple crumble yogurt bowl close up

That’s all for today folks!